A portrait of the soul

dorian gray.jpgTitle: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Author: Oscar Wilde

Publisher: Black Cat

Genre: Philosophical novel

Year: 1890

Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1854. He received a good education and became a well-known poet. He only wrote one novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. He was sent to jail because of his sexual orientation, and died in 1900 of an illness.

Dorian Gray is a young, wealthy man. His story begins when he meets a man, Lord Henry Wotton. He tells Dorian about his beauty-based ideals and corrupts the young man´s vision of life. He becomes greedy, and asks his friend to paint a portrait of him. He soon discovers that the portrait ages instead of him, and as his soul rots, so does the portrait, revealing a hideous human that should have been Gray´s appearance to the world. With this story, Oscar Wilde expresses his deepest thoughts about good and evil, and the corruption of one´s soul due to sin. He also mentions that immortality can´t cope with the mortal world.

Oscar Wilde´s Dorian Gray is a great reflection about the world and humanity. This alluring philosophy has captured me and I’m impressed, knowing that this book is more than a century old, as it resembles today´s greedy and influencial people, and the deep unnecessary caring for beauty and wealth.

Dorian Gray is a perfect book for those who love moral novels and questioning things. If you don´t, then this book is not for you, because only deep thinkers will appreciate the nihilism of this work.

María M. A.